Teachers leading in crisis Reimagining the future

Teachers play a very important role in making the future of children bright. They help us in tough times and appreciate us in our success.

We saw a true example of this back in March 2020 when the pandemic was new to us and negativity was spread around the world. We all were forced to be at home and all of us were worried about our studies.

Then our teachers came up with an idea of online classes through which we can study in our comfort zone at our houses safely. There were many problems when all this was new to us, there were certain problems in many houses, and connectivity issues were also a big concern. The most important thing is that our teachers did all this because they cared for our future. Teachers also had to take training to become familiar with a new type of school. This was the result of this training that learning couldn’t stop and we were able to finish the syllabus and school work well in time.  

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