The road to commitment or compromise?

The whole concept of commitment gets challenged when one stops conforming and decides to start exploring new directions. Can I stay committed to what is ‘now’ if I explore what might be? It can be hard to see beyond the ‘now’ and the value an exploration might bring. It’s easy to fall back into the ‘what I know now’ and never move forward. 

Being committed here, we do whatever it takes, becoming willing to make personal trade-offs and taking responsibility for co-creating reality. We put ourselves on the line to reach key objectives and goals to bring about a vision or future.

If something is worth doing in every aspect of life, it’s worth giving 100% of your effort to it. Because a 99% commitment isn’t going to cut it. Why is it that 100% commitment is the key to success, while even a 99% commitment is a recipe for failure? Is there that drastic a difference between a person who is 100% committed and someone who is 99% committed?

The answer is yes. There’s a huge difference. you see, there is no gray area when it comes to commitment. Either you are fully committed or you are not. When a person is 100% committed, they are unwavering. They aren’t going to let anything get in between them and their commitment. But a person who is only 99% committed leaves open a window—however small—for their convictions to falter. And, given enough time, the convictions of someone who isn’t 100% committed almost always DO falter.        

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