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Time Management

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED April 4, 2021, UPDATED January 1, 1970

You do it today time will respect you. You do it later time will forget you.’

We are aware of the fact that time is something very precious thing in our life and managing it is the most important job. Time management is basically the ability to use your time productively and efficiently.

At heart, time management isn’t really about managing time at all – it’s about managing us. We all have the same 24 hours each day, but how well we use them is completely down to us. Here are 5 ways to take control of our schedule each day to make the most of the time you have available.

1. Be intentional: Having a set list of tasks or a to do list helps you be intentional about what you work on.

2. Be conscious: you can’t improve how you use your time, without understanding how you actually use it in the first place. Tracking your time is elementary here – it provides the insight and self-awareness to make effective changes.

3. Be focused: Focus on one thing at a time. Many of us juggle multiple jobs at the same time, believing we’ll get more done, but in fact the opposite is true; we are most productive when we focus on one thing at a time.

4. Be prioritized: Rank your tasks. It guides you through the day’s activities in order of importance, ensuring that the tasks that matter most are dealt with first. The usefulness of prioritization can’t be overstated – without it; we often end up focusing on work that’s pressing but not actually that important.

5. Be structured: Schedule your day so you spend a fixed amount of time on a certain task. Don’t skip on taking care of yourself.

It is rightly said by Wayne Dyer, that “Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday and avoiding today.” To sum up, I would just say that it is not time that keeps ticking up. It is our life. Now, it depends upon us whether we want to make it a fruit bearing joyful life or a withered, purpose less one.

Ananya Mishra

8 B

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