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True Celebration of World Humanitarians’ Day

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED August 20, 2020, UPDATED January 3, 2023

We have heard the term humanity several times, however, did we ever think about what it is. Humanity is not just a term, but it is the quality that differentiates human beings from the other species of the world. Being a human, we can make decisions, good or bad, right or wrong, kind or cruel. It makes us choose between them, so we make a decision that is for the betterment of ourselves and society.

Humanity guides us to become a nice person who helps everyone in their difficult times. However, in today’s world, humanity is regressing. We see people fighting with each other, doing cruelty to animals, and harming nature for their own selfish needs. If we follow the principles of humanity, we can make this earth a better place to live for all. Those having sufficient means can help others lacking them.

Recently, we have seen in the Covid-19 pandemic situation that the Indian government had to implement lockdown for preventing the spread of Novel Coronavirus among the people. There were many needy people who did not have enough food to eat. That time we saw many individuals and NGOs came forward and provided the essential items to them. Also, we saw many Bollywood stars helping the needful, for example, Mr. Sonu Sood who is a Bollywood star came forward, helped thousands of people to reach back home by providing them transport facilities and other essential items.

We should be thankful to the doctors and nurses who saved the lives of many Corona patients by putting their own life at risk which is actually a true example of
humanity. Also, we should not forget our helpers such as sweepers, guards, maids who despite not being very literate, performed their duties selflessly. Our police department has also played a vital role in preventing the spread of the virus. We saw many police officers and constables losing their life in performing their duties during this lockdown.

As we are the future generation of the country, we have the responsibility to follow humanity principles in our life, help the needy people, love animals, and take care of nature. We should respect people and their feelings. We can start today from our own home by respecting our elders and loving the younger ones.

Jahnavi Goel
7 B

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