Why IB Board is a Significant Predictor of Critical Thinking?

IB students are seen to uphold an advantage in critical thinking. This has been stated in the research from Oxford University. The findings suggest that instructional approaches that focus on teaching critical thinking skills explicitly, as well as embedded opportunities for students to think critically within each subject, may facilitate the development of critical thinking skills.

Before moving ahead, let’s see some of the advantages students get with their critical thinking ability. The benefits of critical thinking are:

  • This helps the child to be curious about the things and their surroundings
  • They become better problem-solvers and decision-makers in situations
  • Critical thinking boosts creativity in children
  • This makes the child more independent in their actions and thinking process

IB develops critical thinking among students and enables them to analyse and evaluate issues and perspectives to generate globally accepted ideas. The thinking is beneficial for students as they are the future citizens of the world.

How IB Board Instils Critical Thinking in Students

  • Wide Array Of Choices: The curriculum offers a wide array of subject choices that differ as per personal choices and likings. A student guidance counsellor helps the child select appropriate subjects as per their future goals. This helps and encourage children to read and understand what they are reading with interest and better comprehension. It gives them a platform and freedom to ask questions.

  • Develops Various Skills: An international curriculum is accepted globally and thus, opens various global opportunities for students. They provide a steady platform for developing practical skills, values to connect with people across the boundaries, leadership skills, encouraging innovation from an early age, critical thinking etc., for all students. The board help the child in analysing facts and information at hand.

  • The Freedom to Ask Questions: IB board gives the freedom to the students to ask questions about the various activities. It also enables the teachers to interact with the kids about the activities that they are doing, like reading, watching, or listening to an excerpt. This will help them to relate the facts they learnt and understand.

  • The Structure of IB: The approach in IB schools is leaned towards providing practical experience of knowledge. This is done by involving the students in more hands-on activities, outdoor activities, interaction with experts, exploratory activities, etc. They are motivated to focus on creativity, experiment-based learning, and a holistic approach towards education.

DPSG Vasundhara is one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, providing holistic education to all the students to enhance and develop their critical thinking abilities. We are a leading IB school in Ghaziabad, working towards enabling students to become adequate for the various challenges in life, apart from enhancing their academic skills.

Our school ensures that your child’s abilities are taken well into consideration and honed accordingly in building a strong character and positive attitude towards life. Offering IB curriculum in the branch, DPSG, Vasundhara is a premier institution that believes in helping your child achieve the path to success.

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