Assemblies and Events Primary Wing

Students of class 1 conducted assembly on the topic- Independence Day. They virtually showcased their spirit of patriotism and joy of freedom by singing a rhyme of tri colour flag. They were dressed up as freedom fighters and paid tribute to these great freedom fighters by speaking about them and thanked all the freedom fighters who gave their lives to gain independence. Students performed a patriotic dance, and a mesmerizing song was sung that was dedicated to the strong willpower of our soldiers who bring glories to our nation. Students even spoke about the famous Indian personalities who made their presence felt on the global stage, these great personalities influence little mind and give power to millions of others to dream big. Students looked vibrant in the tri-colour attire and accessories. Principal sir praised these students for their performance and oratory skills. He sung a patriotic song in Sanskrit language and urged everyone to show love and respect to the country and value the gift of freedom given by the great leaders of the country. It was indeed a great day filled with the fervor of patriotism.