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“Expressing emotions and feelings doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong” As per the ongoing Unit of Inquiry How We Express Ourselves, students of class 2 participated in the kitchen activity to prepare emojis of different expressions with any fruits and vegetables of their choice like bread, biscuits, carrot, olives, grapes, cucumber etc. The result was a delicious and nutritious facial expression that's sure to appeal to any pallet. The young learners participated very enthusiastically and explored their artistic self by making different facial expressions like happy, excited, sad, angry, joyful, surprised etc. All the students enjoyed the activity and deepen their knowledge about expression through this activity.

Every year the winter melts away and spring brings a new beginning. Ah, the sweet smell of spring. It’s such a refreshing time. This new beginning also brings happiness. “Where flowers bloom so does hope”.
Students of class 1 from DPSGV, celebrated the festival of Basant Panchami by reciting shlokas and poems dedicated to Goddess Saraswati also known as Goddess of knowledge. They all wore yellow attire as this colour is considered auspicious for this festival. Being IBPYP students their communication skills were commendable. They spoke about the importance of this festival and its celebration in India. This helped them to discover that festivals and celebrations are unique and wonderful ways in which people express themselves and are beautiful reflections of their beliefs and values. Students also offered the homemade prasad to Goddess Saraswati and then had their delicious yellow coloured food like yellow kheer, yellow rice, yellow sweets etc. to mark it as a celebration that represents the beginning of spring season. DPSGV always believes that students should be proud of their culture. This celebration helped them to appreciate the aesthetic value and creativity of festivals.



“A Nations culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”-

Mahatma Gandhi

Teaching children about Republic Day is a great way to instill patriotism and a sense of belongingness in the young hearts. A virtual special assembly was conducted by students of KG to celebrate Republic Day with enthusiasm and great zeal. The assembly commenced with Gayatri Mantra, thought of the day and news. Our tiny tots briefed about Republic Day and how it is celebrated. The online session was filled with joyous fervor, as the tiny tots danced to the beat of song which filled patriotism in everyone’s heart. A short quiz on Republic Day was conducted, where little ones participated with great enthusiasm. STARZ of DPSGV also shared their views about how Republic Day is celebrated across the country. Our little ones took pledge, they will respect everyone and keep their surroundings clean. Few grandparents also shared their thought about republic day and encouraged kids to respect and uphold the honour, integrity, diversity, and uniqueness of our country. The assembly was graced by Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist and Headmistress Ms Jayati Mazumdar, who appreciated the efforts of all the children. The Academic Coordinator, Ms Sujata Kohli cherished and appreciated the efforts by tiny tots. Students of KG also exhibited their creativity and expressed their love for nation through their drawings.

The happy and smiling faces of children spread the happiness and joy in the heart of the viewers with the message of patriotism and love for our country.

School assemblies of DPSGV are great ways to develop the unity among students and all the stakeholders. It strengthen how the school works. Probably it’s the first platform which is provided to young minds, boosting their confidence towards public speaking and imbibing a feeling of team spirit in their nascent minds. Keeping up with the same, the students of class 3 ROSE conducted their class assembly on 19th January, 2022.The theme of the assembly was ‘New Beginnings, New Resolutions by PYP learners on this 73rd Republic day’.

The assembly commenced with the musical instrument played by a student on ‘dil diya hai jan bhi denge ai watan tere liye’that made the atmosphere vibrant and provided peace and serenity to the minds and souls. The students had put up mesmerizing patriotic dance and singing performances to express their love for nation. The energy of the performance was contagious which left the audience in awe of them. Not only this, they also shared their understanding about IBPYP and how the curriculum is helping them to grow as global citizens. They made new year resolutions and promised to make the world a better place to live in by their actions. Parents also came forward with their reflection videos wherein they appreciated the school’s effort and very satisfied with their child’s learning and growth. The show did not end up here. Students came forward to show the spirit of patriotism and recited slogans in tri color attire and accessories. The assembly was concluded with the coordinator’s message wadded patriotic flavor in it .

The head mistress was impressed and congratulated each and every participant for their efforts and motivated them by calling future leaders with extraordinary skills..

The assembly took the right path when Principal sir explained the differences between equity and equality, sympathy and empathy through visible thinking image. Students responded very well and gained a lot of knowledge on it. It was a complete IBPYP assembly where we could feel the essence of patriotism in a full swing.


Heartiest Congratulations to all the stakeholder once again!


DPSGV believes that kitchen activities build the self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits in the students and these activities are a great way to teach students important skills! As per the ongoing Unit of Inquiry Sharing the Planet, students of class 1 participated in the kitchen activity to prepare water animals with any fruits and vegetables of their choice like orange, carrot, olives, grapes, peas etc. The result was a delicious and nutritious water animals that's sure to appeal to any pallet.The young learners explored their artistic self as they designed colourful, water animals like fish, octopus, jellyfish etc. thus, proclaiming that we share our planet with these water animals too and we should save and protect them. The students were filled with the sense of accomplishment, self-confidence and feeling of contributing to the environment

A virtual Jungle theme party was organized for the little ones of Nursery of DPSGV to reinforce the topic of animals under their ongoing unit of inquiry – Sharing the Planet. Seeing their mothers cooking food in the kitchen, little children are always curious to try to make something to eat for themselves. So, a ‘Sandwich Making Activity’ was held for our tiny tots, to make their dream come true. With the instructions given by the teacher, they made faces of different animals. The culinary adventure was a good learning experience for our young ones. They were told to help their mothers in the kitchen and were advised not to play with knives and forks. This activity helped them to lay the foundation for healthy eating habits. They were thrilled making different animal masks like of a tiger, rabbit, zebra etc. They wore their colourful and bright animal masks and performed different actions of animals.

“Let’s spread light, Let’s make everything bright, let’s forget the dark and create some spark” - SS

A virtual special assembly was conducted by students of class KG to celebrate the festival of lights- ‘Diwali’, with great zeal and fervor. The assembly commenced with Gayatri Mantra, Diwali song, Enactment by tiny tots of STARZ followed by a mesmerizing dance performance by their mothers, as IB PYP firmly believes in partnership of all stakeholders. Students also briefed about Diwali and how it is celebrated. A short quiz on Ramayana was conducted, where little ones participated with great enthusiasm. The assembly was graced by Principal sir Mr. Trilok Singh Bist and Headmistress ma’am Ms. Jayati Mazumdar, who appreciated the efforts of all stake holders- students, parents, and teachers. The Academic Coordinator, Ms Sujata Kohli cherished and appreciated the efforts by tiny tots. Students of KG also participated in diya decoration activity, in which they decorated earthen diyas with ribbons, sparkles, beads, mirrors, stars and glitters, giving a warm welcome to Diwali 2021. The happy and smiling faces of children spread the light of joy in the hearts of the viewers with the message of spreading love, happiness, and harmony. Wishing everyone a very happy, prosperous and sparkling Diwali!




Keeping our festive quotients high, at DPSGV, Diwali was celebrated for three days with great pomp & show. The whole school was soaked in festive vibes. Early years commemorated the extravaganza with kitchen activity, wherein these young stars enthusiastically participated in ‘Edible Diya making’ activity and speaking few lines on how they would like to make this Diwali special. They put on their thinking caps & their ideas were laudable & sparkling!! Card making & wall hanging were the craft activities planned for these little hands at work. These dynamic learners witnessed the puppet show, followed by dance & music. Children were beautifully clad in traditional attire spreading brightness with their sparkline smiles. It was super fun- filled, energetic & memorable series of celebrations at DPSGV.


“A day without prayer is a day without blessings and

A day without blessings is a day without power.”

Once mother Teresa said, “I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now, I know that prayer changes us and we change things.” And change can be accomplished most of all through the power of PRAYER.

The students of grade 4 conducted their special morning assembly with full zeal and enthusiasm. They showcased the importance of prayer in our lives. Also, how they can create enormous power in themselves through prayer. A nice prayer song video was played by one student as a provocation for the assembly. The video provoked the small brains of all the sections and they could answer the question asked by one child. A beautiful self-created story video presentation was done by one more student to make students understand the reason and purpose of celebrating Diwali. Then students presented their videos on what Diwali means to them. They came up with different creative ideas of making handmade things. A live quick padlet activity was taken up by the students to find out how festive-wise and festive smarter they are. After showing the results, some special ways to celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali were shared with the students in the form of videos made by different students. Then students’ reflections were taken upon which learner profile they are going to develop after attending today’s assembly followed by some parent reflections on how they are feeling after attending today’s assembly. The assembly was concluded with words of appreciation and encouragement by our Principal Sir, Mr. Trilok Singh Bisht, our Head Mistress Ma’am, Ms. Jayati Mazumdar and our Coordinator ma’am Ms. Bhawana Bhardwaj.


Hindi Diwas or National Hindi Day is celebrated every year on September 14 to mark the adaptation of Hindi (written in Devanagari script) as the official language by the Constituent Assembly on September 14, 1949

The students of class 1 made poster to celebrate Hindi Diwas. Students depicted their ideas through paintings and sketches. The young learners displayed their artistic skills through an array of posters. All the students participated with immense zeal and enthusiasm and made beautiful poster which gave the message

to remember and honour the adoption of the Hindi language. It was a great opportunity to watch these young minds creating and depicting their ideas on paper. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

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�Poem Recitation is a mode of expression, a medium to reflect the latent talents of the young ones.�

Rhymes enjoy an importance in the life of a kindergartener. It is a well known fact that when a child sees something, it is embedded in his/her mind for a longer time than when he/she just listens to it. Recitation proves to be a stepping stone for young children to develop their speaking skills and boost their confidence. Keeping this in mind, English Recitation Activity on the theme �WHERE WE ARE IN PLACE AND TIME� was conducted wherein our cute poets of grade nursery performed exuberantly through voice modulation and impressive expressions. Everyone was amazed and spellbound after seeing their pleasing performances. The eye-catching props added icing to the cake.

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, marks the day on which Lord Rama defeated the demon King Raavan.

Keeping the festive spirits alive; class Pre- Nursery & Nursery presented an assembly on Dussehra. These young learners surprised us with their mesmerizing performances. They were dressed up as different characters from Ramayana and spoke few lines to introduce themselves. Children recited poems & shared their understanding about the festival. The confidence with which they spoke was laudable. There were Zumba & Yoga sessions too to remind us to stay healthy & fit for a better tomorrow. A mythological quiz was conducted for these little ones & the amount of knowledge they exuded was wonderful. Children made dandiya sticks & as they say no celebration is complete without music and dance, we culminated the assembly with dance using their �SELF MADE DANDIYA STICKS.� It added extra spark to the already glittering celebration.

Our respected Principal Sir motivated the learners with his encouraging words. His words brought a smile on the children�s faces which was evident. It was an energetic & joyful show.

Let us always follow the path shown by Lord Ram for a meaningful life.

�Dussehra is the day to put an end to all the negativities & start fresh.�


The PYP Assemblies play a very important role in DPSGV school. It forms the portal for our young learners where they showcase their talents, perform acts and get applauded for efforts and achievements. But above everything else, the assembly is one of the ways which take the student initiated action beyond the classroom walls.

“The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people. ”With this learning our Grade 3 Rose students shared their journey of second IBPYP theme-How We Express Ourselves where they expressed their culture and traditions through different art forms. They showed how the skills and knowledge gained be presented in their assembly and took actions by spreading awareness through dance, posters, reflections and songs.

Parents as learning community also shared their reflections about this IBPYP journey and were elated to see their child growing progressively. The assembly also highlighted the learner profile attributes where students came with an attribute and explained it how they are trying to develop them in their inquiry based classroom learning.

In this assembly it was clearly seen how the students were united together to appreciate , celebrate and share their love for the culture and traditions of others.

Class-5 celebrated the Teacher's Day by thanking and remembering their teachers during the circle time on Friday,3rd September. The children took this opportunity to show their love and appreciation for their teachers and exercised their voice and choice to convey the Teacher's Day wishes using a plethora of online and offline tools. They very happily shared their creations with their teachers in the form of cards, videos, PowerPoint presentations etc. The children enjoyed the showcasing of the technological expertise they had accumulated all these years. It was an emotional experience for the teachers too since these little kids will be moving on to the senior wing the next year leaving behind fond memories of their innocent childhood.

A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.

-Mahatma Gandhi


With schools physically shut down due to pandemic, the spirit of freedom and nationalism was well exhibited virtually by the tiny tots of grade pre-nursery and nursery. The students presented some amazing dance moves, songs and martial arts with full zeal and zest. The children recited patriotic poems and shared their thoughts about Independence Day. DPSGV STARZ looked vibrant in their tri-colour attire and accessories with beautifully painted Indian flag on their face and hands. It was a proud moment to see our little ones introducing themselves as our great freedom fighters. The enthusiastic parents took part in the assembly by singing on the spot patriotic songs which acted as a cherry on the cake. Principal, Mr. Trilok Singh Bist, inspired the students with his thought-provoking speech to learn from the lives and sacrifices of the freedom fighters. He expressed his patriotic feeling through a song “Saare Jahan Se Acchha”. He motivated the students to serve the nation by volunteering themselves in keeping their country clean. The program was concluded with the rendition of the national anthem.

Do everything you have to do, but not with greed, not with ego, not with envy but with love, compassion, humility and devotion.

- The Bhagavad Gita

STARZ of Class KG got the opportunity to present the special assembly on Janmashtami. Tiny Tots participated with great zeal and fervor. The assembly comprised of Gayatri Mantra, Thought of the day, News. Students also briefed about Janmashtami and how it is celebrated. There was scintillating dance performance on the beats of Janmashtami song and singing performance too. Students were told about Lord Krishna’s life, thought and his teachings to mankind. A short quiz was conducted, where little ones participated with great enthusiasm. Few of our respected grandparents briefed Krishna leela and its significance.

The assembly was graced by our Academic Coordinator Ms. Sujata Kohli, who cherished and appreciated confidence and efforts by tiny tots. She also encouraged them to become good citizen of the nation.

The happy and smiling faces of children spread the light of joy in the hearts of the viewers with the message of spreading love and happiness.

Wishing you all a very happy Janmashtami !

Students of class 1 conducted assembly on the topic- Independence Day. They virtually showcased their spirit of patriotism and joy of freedom by singing a rhyme of tri colour flag. They were dressed up as freedom fighters and paid tribute to these great freedom fighters by speaking about them and thanked all the freedom fighters who gave their lives to gain independence. Students performed a patriotic dance, and a mesmerizing song was sung that was dedicated to the strong willpower of our soldiers who bring glories to our nation. Students even spoke about the famous Indian personalities who made their presence felt on the global stage, these great personalities influence little mind and give power to millions of others to dream big. Students looked vibrant in the tri-colour attire and accessories. Principal sir praised these students for their performance and oratory skills. He sung a patriotic song in Sanskrit language and urged everyone to show love and respect to the country and value the gift of freedom given by the great leaders of the country. It was indeed a great day filled with the fervor of patriotism.