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Assembly Class 9 & 10-


With this thought in mind students of class 9B initiated a session on how to train oneself to understand one's interest and aptitude to pursue higher studies. The session became interesting when teachers from varied subjects threw light on what the students can explore in a particular subject and how participation, observation and awareness can help one know one's area of interest. This will help us to train our brain to choose the right stream after class tenth.


Class XII-D conducted a morning assembly based on the theme “Women Equality day “which is celebrated on 26 August every year. The struggles of being a woman were shared, inspirational women were talked about in a video format so that everyone would feel motivated and proud of them. It was then followed by an interesting quiz to test everyone’s knowledge on the topic.

Principal Mr. Trilok Singh Bist appreciated the effort of the students for putting up such a great assembly and showered them with his magnificent and motivational words.


Assembly Class 9 & 10-

वह देह ही क्या जो देश के काम ना आए। वह आंख ही क्या जो वीरों के लिए ना झुक जाए। इसी भाव को दर्शाते हुए कक्षा ९ के छात्रों ने आज सभी को अपनी कविताओं से भाव विभोर कर दिया। देश प्रेम के रंग में सभी को रंग लिया।

आइए आप भी सरोबार हो जाएं।