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Curriculum Design 2020

The Curriculum Design, both innovative and comprehensive, provides for three major domains with opportunities for every learner to actively participate in each of the three with choices of subjects and activities built therein.

Scholastic Domain

Foundational Domains

Education today is far more and far beyond just the academic achievement. It is about evolving physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, culturally with well-developed personal and social skills coupled with linguistic, numerical, logical & analytical competencies.

Art Education; Developing aesthetics and connecting with joyful existence. Students shall opt for at least one skill in each of the following;

Citizenship Studies - Sensitizing to their society and environments – making them good and responsible individuals and citizens.

Clubs & Societies - Development of whole persona of the student – they blossoms and blooms in all manners and through all seasons.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Education – Getting future ready

School Health Program

1.      Physical Education & Sports

2.      SEE Learning [Socio, Emotional & Ethical Learning] are the personal skill sets that every individual must have so as to connect with cohorts. In world rife with conflict, disease and poverty, SEE skills and competencies become an essential attribute of every DPSG Student.

Goal SettingFostering a culture of ownership of learning by students; students set and monitor their goals supported by teachers.

Value Added Preparatory Programs: these may be provided to students preparing to appear for specialized entrance tests, Olympiads or other competitions like NTSE & KVPY.