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Educational Trips

DPSGV hosted the students outside the school in a fun-filled, outdoor locale, Jaipur.
The pink city offered a great escape from the routine and rejuvenated every one and the grandeur of palaces transported the students to the royal era of kings and princes.
A lot of learning took place as the students learnt to collaborate, exercise their life skills, and most importantly learnt to accomodate and the great takeaways were in the form of life long lessons.
The students not only got to know about the rich heritage, culture and history behind the majestic monuments, but also folk lores associated with it.
Let's take a look at the pictures for the story to unfold!

DPSGV organized an Educational & Excursion tour in collaboration with Edufiesta Expedition. More than 200 students showed interest in going for the trip. In this trip of limited students, around 50 students got the opportunity to visit

St. Thomas Church also known as St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica and National Shrine of Saint Thomas. It was built in the 16th century by Portuguese explorers, over the tomb of Saint Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus

The same evening students took out time to refresh themselves on Marina Beach in Chennai.

The students could visit the Launch Pads (First Launch Pad & Second Launch Pad), the Mission Control Centre where the scientists (who control and track the launch of satellites) and various dignitaries (sitting in the view area) view the launch of magnificent satellites being launched. The computer network in the MCC was magnificent in itself as it displayed the huge data and the Technology that plays an important role in the launch of satellites. The beauty of the launch pads was explained to the students where they could see the Satellite Assembly Building and the track on which the satellite is brought to the Launch pad. The students could also gather knowledge about how the satellite is launched and how much hard work, money, technology and time goes behind each successful launch. They got a golden chance to talk with one of the scientists who was part of the latest Chandrayan –II launch. The students also got a chance to visit the ISTRAC (ISRO telemetry RADAR communication) centre. The person who attended to our team informed us that the group was lucky enough to have got permission to visit this center, otherwise even the press is not allowed in that premise.

Third day was the day of knowledge of Kanchipuram Temples (Ekambarnath, Vishnu Kanchi). Some of the temples made up of sand stone. Students were thrilled to know that Kanchipuram is one of the oldest centre of education and was known as the ghatikasthanam, or "place of learning", like Kashi (U.P).

Same day they visited Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) i.e. World UNESCO Heritage City there they saw Panch Rath temple (Studied a lot about architecture and science involved in construction of these temple). The students also saw Krishna’s ButterBall a marvel of nature where a huge rock stands high by its’one corner on a hill.

‘Shore Temple’ at coastal area of Bay of Bengal.