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The teaching role of faculty members reflects their centrality in addressing the primary educational mission. The basic function of faculty in schools is to promote inquiry and advance the sum of human knowledge, to provide general instruction to the students and to develop experts for various branches or fields.

Correspondingly, school faculty members undertake professional training, research etc. to carry out the academic work of their respective institutions. Each of these roles enables faculty members to generate and disseminate knowledge to peers, students and external audiences too.

The faculty in DPSGS are content experts and surely the students are regarded as learners or novices to the academic discipline. Faculty members are here expected to follow developments in the field so their expertise and knowledge base remain current.

New approaches to revitalizing teaching effectiveness include placing and emphasis on effective pedagogy and paying increased attention to the learning needs of the students, consequently, an emphasis on faculty members as facilitators of students’ learning has also emerged in DPSGS Schools. The focus on learning incorporates a broad set of goals for learners, such as students’ mastery of content, their abilities to consider and critique etc.