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DPSGV school library is the heart and soul of the school, While the role of the school library remains constant, its design, digital platform, strategies and tools have changed over time. 

A well-stocked library-cum-resource center has been set up for the benefit of both teachers and students.

School Library provides sharing poetry, book review, inviting authors and book lovers, celebrating great author in creative ways, organizing writing competitions, book reviews, inviting students to have group thinking activities.

 The school boasts of two different libraries, Junior School Library and Senior School Library. Both the libraries have a wide collection of books, journals, periodicals, Newspapers and Audio-Visual Media. Almost 20,000 documents are presently available in the Library and new additions are constantly made to keep members abreast with the latest developments in the literary world  

Both the libraries not only have a spacious reading room and separate reference section, but also boasts of being completely digitized, with every book barcoded and monitored online to observe the popular trends. This helps the teachers to keep up with the reading trends among students and make suggestions accordingly.  

The Junior Library is built as child friendly reading corner to provide another space for children to learn. It offers a comfortable area to encourage students to read. The teachers, knowing what books a student enjoys, help them choose books that are similar to their interests.

The books are all for varied interest of the readers from a Panchantra lover, to a lover of Superheroes to a silent Science Explorer to a lovely and bubbly Fairy Tales story lover. The books provide for children to familiarize with reading and information literacy. As children read, they can expand their vocabulary through interacting with challenging words, and if they’ve selected the book themselves, they’re likely to try to understand the new words through context clues and phonics skills. This process helps children develop a wide vocabulary that they can use to more precisely articulate a thought or describe a situation. It also sharpens their vocabulary skills for the next challenging words they come across.