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Dear Readers,


The COVID-19 pandemic is a huge challenge to the education systems. As the corona virus pandemic has forced the schools across the country to ‘close’, educators are scrambling to find ways to keep reaching students during a crisis that is exacerbating existing inequities and increasing academic gaps. Many teachers are already being trained to use virtual-teaching tools and thus teacher-to-teacher collaboration can help educators figure out how to tailor assignments to the specific need of different students.

Effective teaching is not just about good assignments, teaching is also about engaging students: talking to them about their well-being, encouraging them and helping them develop their skills simultaneously. Thereby, teachers and students have entered a new world of virtual lectures and assignments. I do admit that e-learning poses a challenge to both the teachers and students over technology and access, but it is keeping everyone busy to become more innovative.

I admit that there is a flipside for the same – since the whole family is at home, the only technical device might be used by the parents who are working from home but here lies the tuning of both the users. The parents are relieved as their wards are academically engaged online.

In-spite of technical glitches my staff is always at their toes to deal with such shortcomings. My earnest staff is ready to embrace this new reality and work within its limitations and use the opportunities. What I find is that most teachers and students are digitally literate and tech-savvy but full-time distance education is still a new experience. I have a sense of pride to say that DPSGV has come out with synchronous digital classrooms.

These are anxious times for students and parents. Uncertainties about when life will return to ‘normal’ compound the anxiety. I, as the Head of this prestigious institution am updating students and parents with frequent communication in this deprived situation.

I would like to end up saying that DPSGV along with teachers and students will continue to look for flexible ways to repair the damage caused by COVID-19’s interruptions to learning trajectories. DPSGV will surely derive benefit from the mechanisms that it has put in place to continue its educational and training mission in a time of crisis.

Take good care of yourself

Happy Reading!!!