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Reimagining School

Learners, Educators, Curriculum and Classrooms

The modern VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) has thrown unprecedented challenges in all realms of human activity - economic, social and cultural. Institutional transactions and work- place processes are continuously evolving and redefining constituents of success. The profile, skill sets and personal attributes required to negotiate these challenges and otherwise essentials for success in all human endeavors are changing every day and shall be vastly different in times ahead. The ability to adapt and reinvent is the hallmark for individual and institutional excellence.

In the backdrop of ever-evolving new dimensions being added to human existence across the globe, we need to reimagine not only the schools and classrooms but also role of teachers, ways of learner engagement, the nature of learning experiences and the final outcomes.

The educators researched and explored the essential attributes of success in life and professions for the young learners to prepare them for future. Based on extensive research followed by marathon sessions of discussions and in the overall backdrop of classroom transactions, the educators drew up typical profile of a learner at any stage of schooling. The salient attributes of a learner of the future are:

Every Learner shall aspire to be:

  1. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually Healthy
  2. Communicator
  3. Reflective, Creative and Critical Thinker
  4. Balanced and Resilient
  5. Risk Taker & Resourceful
  6. Courageous
  7. Ethical & Principled
  8. Empathetic and Respectful
  9. Grateful and Compassionate
  10. Collaborator

Realization of this learner profile called for revisiting, reviewing and reflecting on the existing curriculum design and our practices. It involved formulating,

The educators guided by the larger goals, reimagined and re-defined teacher’s role, teacher- learner relationships, curated the school curriculum, developed learning materials and created new governance structures to enable a safe, conducive and enabling learning ecosystem that will support the fostering of desired learner profile.

This was followed by intensive learning engagements for teachers across all our 8 schools for a shared understanding. This aspiration can be realized only, if the guiding philosophy, desired Learner Profile and Curriculum Design are in sync and harmony.

From here on, to connect with the futuristic curriculum design, the school will seek active cooperation of families, reorient teachers and learners in new pedagogy and seek freedom from regulatory frameworks that are not aligned to our aspiration.