Excellence in all spheres is the foremost priority of the school and the school earnestly endeavours to motivate the learners and augment their learning. From time to time, a variety of stimuli is provided to the learners to ignite their skills, knowledge and intellect. Keeping this in view, the school honors and recognizes the efforts of meritorious and outstanding achievers by felicitating them with Scholarships on the basis of merit in academics and sports.

Academic Scholarships

Scholarships are given to students for achieving excellence in academics. For a student to avail scholarship in this category, the following criteria and procedure will be followed:

1. Full scholarships for class XI students to entail 100% waiver in the School fee to students securing above 90 % in all subjects in CBSE/ICSE Board Exams.

2. Half Scholarships for class XI students to entail 50% waiver in the School fee to students securing above 89 % in all subjects in CBSE/ICSE Board Exams.

3. Full scholarships for class XII students to entail 100% waiver in the School fee to students securing an aggregate of above 80 % aggregate in all subjects and attendance of over 75%.

4. Half Scholarships for class XII students to entail 50% waiver in the School fee to students securing above 78% in all subjects with an aggregate of above 80% and attendance of over 75%.

5. A student needs to meet the Marks eligibility criteria.

6. A student needs to submit a letter of ‘Request For scholarship’ apart from procuring ‘Letter of Recommendation’ from the concerned Class Teacher, Coordinator, Head Master/Head Mistress and the School Principal.

7. Previous 2 years Report Card of the student to be taken in consideration.

8. Evidence of Achievement and Certificates to be duly attested by the relevant authority.

9. Eligible candidates qualifying for Scholarship in the Entrance/ School exam will be interviewed and a selection committee will review the same.

10. The scholarship can be granted to the students irrespective of their previous year status of receiving the scholarship, provided they meet the criteria.

11. Students clearing NTSE/KYPY students are eligible for half scholarship , in case they do not meet the above criteria.

12. Condonment of a student’s attendance is at the discretion of the Principal.

Sports Scholarships

Our students make us proud, time and again by bagging laurels in numerous Sporting events at the International, National, and State Levels. In order to encourage our Sporting Stars further and motivate them to scale new heights, the school has decided to offer Sports Scholarships to these young achievers from the Session 2020-21 onwards. The following are the criteria on which the Sports Scholarships will be awarded.

Scholarship in this category to be granted to students participating in Cricket, Swimming, Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Athletics or any other sports approved by DPSG Society.

Scholarship in this category will be considered from class VI onwards.

For continuation of Sports Scholarship, along with the specific criteria, the students shall have represented school in government recognized tournament organized by National Sports Federation and must submit recommendation from class teacher and sports teacher.

The total amount of Scholarship Waiver cannot exceed the School Approved Scholarship/ Waiver OPEX Budget amount for the Financial Year in question.

The student can avail only ONE type of Scholarship/Waiver.

All Scholarships are at the discretion of the School Management and must be approved by Chairman / Vice Chairman. Meeting the eligibility criteria does not make a student eligible for it on its own.