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School Council

A leader is not only a dealer in hope but also a visionary, a dreamer, an innovator, a mentor, an educator, an effective communicator and a facilitator. It has always been a constant endeavour at Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Vasundhara to nurture and mould such leaders who will pioneer their country and the world to newer heights of peace, progress and prosperity in the years to come

The Investiture ceremony for Grades IV to XII is not just a formal announcement of giving away the portfolios and responsibilities to the newly elected school council but also the belief that these young and passionate leaders would influence and inspire their peers to create more leaders. The selection of these students is based on their academic performance, creative abilities and assessment of their overall conduct, where they were marked for their organisational and leadership skills.



The traditional system of grouping children into different 'Houses' has the inherent advantage of fostering loyalty, team spirit and healthy competition. The school has four houses to which children are attached when they reach class IV. These are named after the four rivers of India- The Ganga, the Yamuna, the Satlej, the Cauvery. Inter houses, inter class and inter section competitions are organised in sports, cultural programmes, creative work and academics. Emphasis is laid on the development of values through co-curricular activities. Cultural activities are streamlined in order to nurture in children, a sense of pride for the motherland and its rich heritage and being a part of the biggest democratic and secular nation in the world

The school organises a number of Inter House Competitions in the field of co-curricular activities. This system inculcates the spirit of participation and healthy competitive thinking among them for active participation of each and every student, we have distributed all of our students into 4 houses :

We have four houses at DPSGV, each named after a river. They are -

1. Cauvery House

2. Ganga House

3. Satlej House

4. Yamuna House

In no other country the rivers are so much revered as in India. In fact, in our country these are equated to no less than a divine mother. Like the river which initiates in the form of a narrow stream and pioneers into a huge resource, gurgling with vigor, sustaining life and always progressing.

The selection process starts

1. Announcement of Posts.

2. Rubrics announced to applicants.

a. Application for Eligibility

b. Year of Joining

c. Academic Record

d. Credentials

3. With the distribution of self-assessment proforma to the candidates of each class by the House Moderators.

4. On return of the proforma, the House moderator & the class teacher evaluates & gives recommendations.

5. The shortlisted students attend an overnight camp based on which they were marked for their conduct.

6. Next are the interviews by the sub-committee followed by decisions for shortlisted candidates by the house In charge, facilitators and Headmistress Ma’am.

7. This process finally culminates with the interviews and approval of finalists with the Principal.


Every year, the newly elected student council dons the mantle of leadership in the Investiture ceremony and takes a pledge to lead the school from the front with their commitment, confidence and competence. The council members are invested with responsibilities hoping that these young leaders will uphold the values of the school and take the school to even greater heights with their bold strides in all arenas.


Those students who get the honour of being prefects are groomed for handling their new roles in a responsible manner. Their training under the guidance of teachers and professionals aims to inculcate managerial and organizational skills, problem solving skills and good communication. Above all, they are trained to bring out the best within themselves as human beings, to work in teams and to demonstrate exemplary behavior.




Yellow, being the primary colour, is often considered as the brightest and the most energizing of all warm colours, hence rightly defining a house possessing similar attributes. From having a tranquil flow to a deadly turbulence, while going through uneven terrains altogether, a child in a yellow t-shirt experiences it all from the first day itself. Being in a house doesn’t just count winning and losing, but also a lot of mountains and valleys throughout the journey, some very harsh, some as smooth.

The house has ever since been dedicated and hardworking. Like a river, which initiates in the form of a narrow stream and pioneers into a huge resource, gurgling with vigor, sustaining life and always progressing, Cauvery house keeps striving for the best.

Our understanding moderators make sure that no child is left out and provided equal opportunity and freedom to take decisions for the progress of our house through a proper procedure of discussion and analysis. This procedure is carried out by having regular and interactive house meets, active and enthusiastic participation in competitive events, but most importantly, the sense of understanding, effective communication, and honesty is what really enables our house to sore heights.


As a Cauvery house captain this year, these 9 years have been more than special for me, from buying my first yellow t-shirt, to getting my final emblem of responsibilities, and a coat of arms to guard the optimism of the house, I am honoured to get the duty of guiding it through obstacles, and accountability as I represent the house. The bond which has been created throughout the years is indispensable, and the pride with which I hold the Cauvery house flag high will forever remain as a memorable journey for me.

At last, I’d like to say.. A happy house, with a blend of being debonair, exuberant, extravagant and a quest for excellence.

The river Ganga that is of a heavenly-descent; that washes all the sins away is the elixir of the country.

Colour-Blue-Blue is a universal colour. The cool and calming blue brings peace and conveys importance and significance. It can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly. It is associated with intelligence, stability, unity and conservation. Following the footsteps of The River Ganga which is the life line of our country and a major resource, the house works towards the welfare of the school as a whole and always keeps service before self.

Like the river which decides its own path and gushes and rushes down to reach the sea, the contingents of Ganga House make wise decisions and work hard to achieve their goals. Gangites hereby stand strong on their beliefs, compassion and fortitude which gives them courage to fight any challenge with ease.

The House is the abode of talent, innovation and novelty. It believes in marching ahead with strength and fervor leaving behind all the obstacles and overcoming all the stones that lay in the path of its progress.

The Ganga House patronizes virtue of determination, dedication and diligence. Members of Ganga house are saviors of purity and harmony and pledge to carry forward the ideals of fair play and team spirit.

The energy of the mind is the essence of life It has been almost 9 years since I have been associated with my satlej house and now becoming the captain for me is a dream come true. It was back in the 4th class when we were first divided in our house time and I got the colour of green. This colour of green which symbolises nature, provides calmness and evokes compassion in oneself are the elements through which our satlej house is driven by. Various inter house competition held by our school helps the members of satlej house to become energetic and more lively in nature and ,also, to develop creativity in ones mind. In these 9 years, this house has prepared me to face any challenge of life and has taught me to never lose hope even at the times of crises.This is the sole aim of our house to make every member confident and make each member more competent in their life.


I have been a part of this house for almost 9 years now, been the house prefect multiple times, was the house vice-captain for the session 2019-2020, and am the house captain for the session 2020-2021; so I take full privilege in saying that I know my house pretty well.

Strengths to always be proud of, confidence in ourselves, nature to take care of all, standing here to spread a message about the environment, fun times to make you laugh until you can’t breathe, we got it all. I think the best representation of the members of this house is by their name ‘Satlej’ and color green.

The green color is often associated with growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, environment, etc which is all that we inhibit and also stand for. We were always taught to promote other growth before ours for everyone to grow in harmony and promote peace. Students in this house are always the ones with the fresh breeze, bringing new ideas, solutions, and topics to the table. Our green can be a message of many things, but we like to use it for representing our stand for and with our environment. We not only care about our flora, fauna, pollution of all kinds around us but we also put our equal efforts into making sure our surrounding people are always okay as well. As soon as DPSGVites finds anyone in their green uniform, they know that even something as small as having a chilled off a conversation is going to be easy with them, and that is the true reason I am proud to be the part of the green squad.

Just like the river Sutlej which is the longest river to flow in the vast region of Punjab and Pakistan, which this house is named after, we are bold, so very diverse, strong in our way, and just unapologetically ourselves. We are not the kind to hide in the back, we are more of the people to be in the first bench shouting our opinions. One of the things I love the most about our house is you’ll find almost every kind of talented winner you can ever even think of. We have graceful classical and western dancers, melodious singers, artists that can make artworks that’ll blow your mind, amazing players in almost every sports category whether it be basketball, football, cricket, hockey, and the list is always updating, academically sharp minds acing every test in their way, soulful writers, convincing public speakers, and just so many people I am always going to be in awe for the rest of my life. When it comes to inter-house competitions we are undefeated champions in so many of them that other houses always have to keep a lookout for us. Having these many admirable students with the great faculty here at DPSGV, there is just so much potential exploding into great futures all the time.

Looking back at my memorable memories in DPSGV, most of them are associated with being a proud member of this house. Shouting for my seniors at the top of my voice just trying to cheer for my house in sports day races, fooling around, and having fun while trying to make the winner performance for inter-house choreography competition, sitting and debating with friends to decide for which competitions to enlist our names to the house moderators ma’am or sir in our house meets, running across the school and asking everyone trying to get the information of who won in every inter-house competition just to hear “Satlej house won” and celebrating together or supporting each other no matter what, having the unspoken trust of your fellow house members that they have your back, etc just so much to feel nostalgic on.

Saltej house has given me confidence, belief, fun and stupid times, friends for life, and soo much more that I can ever be thankful for. I am truly blessed to get an opportunity to express it and stand for this wonderful group of people. This is the best place I could have ever been in. All credit goes to our team of teachers, helpers, and the whole department of DPSGV who worked along with our parents in shaping us into beautiful human beings. We are the vibrant ones with vivacious nature, zestful hearts, waving the green flag high proudly.

Red is the colour of energy, passion and action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination, exciting the emotions and motivating us to take action. It represents strong will power and can give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power.

The Yamuna house values include:

1) Zeal

A zealous person is someone who has a passion for what he or she is doing and shows it when they do it. The people are enthusiastic and energetic.

2) Enterprise

It means taking initiative and being resourceful. This portraits a person as extrovert and sociable who is confident, assertive and a quick decision-maker.

3) Diligent

A diligent person is someone who works very hard and to be diligent is usually considered to be an attribute. They are self motivated, faithful and they push themselves through obstacles of all kinds.

The people in my house follow these values and attain skills to succeed in various fields. Many different types of inter-house literary, sports and cultural competitions are held at our school for the development of students. These competitions help in creating a positive impact on enhancing social and emotional learning. The activities performed by the students in the competitions teach them how to work for a common goal which results in developing a sense of responsibility. Many inter-house team or group competitions are organized which give essence of team spirit and improving their coordination with other people. These help in reflecting the talent and potential of the team . I hope through my work I will be able to develop the school positively while representing the Yamuna House. I believe that if everyone works together and tries their best it will make us all winners. If anyone has any issues or ideas, for the betterment of our house should approach me without any hesitation. I will try my best to work upon it.

Together we can be the best!