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Dear Parent,

School accepts the School Fee & Event Fee through SMS Portal only. Payment made through NEFT/ RTGS/Cash/ Paytm/ Google Pay / or any other mode shall not be accepted. The School shall not be responsible, in case, the School Fee & Event Fee is paid through other than SMS Portal. It is therefore requested to pay the School Fee & Event Fee through the SMS Portal only.

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you make FEE payment with ease :-

  1. Click SMS LOGIN
  2. Enter the Username / Email id and password of Parent/ Student SMS Portal
  4. Select the Quarter & Click on PAYNOW
  5. Check the Student Particulars & fee Details & Click on PROCEED.
  6. It will show the following options for payment:-
    • Debit/Credit Card – You will be directed to pay fees via Debit / Credit Card.
    • Net Banking – You will directed to choose from multiple Banks for payment.
    • After the Payment Online Receipt will get generated with the payment details on the SMS Portal.
Fee Payment Process SMS Login