Life skills are integrated as School Health Program for Classes NUR-XII. A robust and structured SHP is in place for classes I to X.  Days are allotted for conducting SHP sessions in the academic calendar. Detailed lesson plans are made by counselors for each SHP session.

The Lesson Plans are GUIDED by CBSE ‘LIFE SKILLS’ and ‘SCHOOL HEALTH MANUALS’. The methodology of SHP is Interactive and includes the use of Pictures, Videos, and PowerPoint Presentations etc.

The Modules covered include the following themes:

• Knowing your Body/Self-Awareness/Self-Esteem

• Personal and Environmental Hygiene

• Physical Fitness/Mental Fitness

• Food and Nutrition

• Safety and Responsibility

• Behavioral and Life Skills-Time Management, Substance Abuse Prevention, Study Skills and various Life Skills.

Holistic development aligned with the vision of the school focuses on nurturing of mental, physical, social and emotional well-being

1) Preventive Measures.

Developing soft skills- certain systems have been devised and are constantly modified as per requirements of the new age learners during the following programs

2) Curative Measures

CARE- Counseling and academic reinforcement in education.

Beyond Inclusive Education includes maintaining individual records for fostering cocoons into unique butterflies. Some of the common issues are Dyslexia, Autism, Borderline Intelligence, ADHD, slow learner, Physical challenges, and cerebral palsy

3) Therapeutic Measures

Healing –common issues when nipped in the bid are just part of the journey.


“It was no less than a magic when I realized my child was not just special, but extra ordinary too. She was unique and CARE helped her to bloom. With the help of the teachers and facilities provided by the school, I found my pearl from the oyster.” Mother of a child with special needs.