DPSG Goes Virtual
DPSG Goes Virtual

From its inception, the values of DPSGV have always been those of perseverance and excellence.

These values are the lifeblood of the educators and administrators who work passionately to grow DPSGV as more than just a school.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic was first declared by the WHO, other schools did not take it seriously.

Since the first report of an Indian case and the possibility of a lockdown, our teachers worked tirelessly to set up an effective online framework to support our students in such an event.

This initiative was spearheaded by our Computer Department and Educators.

Our efforts paid off, and when the imminent lockdown hit, we immediately shifted to an online class system, ensuring that our beloved students do not miss out on a single day of classes.

As with any system, there were initial hiccups, but due to the school staff's dedication and the overwhelming support and feedback we received from the parents, we were able to iron out the issues to improve our systems in vivo.

To adapt to the changing online environment, our educators employed a variety of engaging learning tools such as Live Zoom Video classes, online lecture streaming, digital notes and online assessments and guest lectures from alumni.

We would like to extend our thanks to the parents and students who are part of the DPSGV community for their support and patience. Despite an uncertain journey ahead, we are confident that we will be there to assist our students in every possible way, ensuring that their education is not impacted in any way.