Why Curiosity Is Important For Kids?

Kindergartens and pre-schoolers are known for having active ingredients. They always enjoy using their curiosity for exploring feelings and their world. Curiosity will help a little kid to be more observant and to think about multiple things and try to figure them out all by themselves. Whenever a child explores his curiosity, he gets the chance to expand his vocabulary as he uses language to describe what he is seeing, thinking, hearing, or experiencing. Overall, being a perfect parent, you can actually help in your child’s growth by supporting his level of curiosity!

Nurturing your child’s curiosity:

Being a responsible parent, you get to nurture the curiosity level of your child by providing multiple opportunities to explore. During this time, kids would love to learn more about animals and plants, and you can start to encourage the curiosity of your child by finding multiple ways to help him connect with nature.

  • Try taking your little one to a hike, a park, zoom, and even in a bike trail, and then point out animals that you see.
  • Help him to name what he sees, whether a small insect or any special plant!
  • Always remember that this is the age of your child where he will be particularly observant. So, by encouraging his curiosity to learn, you will teach him to appreciate and enjoy nature more.
  • In case he is particularly drawn to any tree or animal, then you can let him know about it further by reading a book together about it.

The value of unstructured play:

Unstructured play is one major way to encourage and then nurture the sense of discovery among children. By offering your kids some free time to play, you will actually allow them to use and then practice their level of curiosity and high-end imagination.

  • Give your child the opportunity to play on her own and with others, too, and ensure not to intervene unless you have to.
  • You cannot expect your little kid’s play to make any sense, or he might not even use the toys in the right manner.
  • Your little one might end up making their own rule for some of the known games.
  • As your little kids will go to elementary school, it is vital for them to know that there are certain things where rules might be followed, and on the other times, imagination and curiosity are just fine.

For some, it might seem to be a tricky balance, but for little children, it is always good to give their curiosity the benefit of the doubt when possible. There are various factors, which might get in the way, like over-scheduling of activities or too much screen time. Being a parent, if you do not allow your kids some time for unstructured play, then you might end up inhibiting the imagination of your child.

Some compelling reasons why curiosity is important among children:

From the points mentioned already, it is not hard to state that curiosity has the higher count among children, and the top CBSE schools in Dehradun are looking forward to it. Reputed educational centers like DPSG Dehradun will always include a high level of curiosity among their students, which will help them to learn more about the surrounding world. Students will be more interested to know the unknown! But, let’s just learn some of the compelling reasons that might inspire curiosity among children!

  • It helps in counteracting boredom:

Around 90% of the trouble that most kids get into will always start with boredom. On the other hand, healthy curiosity will provide children with the ability to just to “un-entertained” without any possible incident. Crying out when mom and dad leave can be the result of too much dependence on parents for entertainment.

  • Always cultivate an active mind:

In case a child is able to imagine, he will occupy and then entertain himself in a successful manner. There are high chances for him to figure out things under various situations and on the fly! This will encourage your little one to be self-sufficient, which is a mark of progression that needs to be made from nursery school!

Reputed schools like DPSG Dehradun will give special attention to a child’s curiosity level. You can see that in our curricular activities!

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