5 Ways To Cultivate Empathy In Students

As educators and guides, we all influence a child’s mind to a great extent. We have the power to positively influence the future generations of our country with the right values and skills. Empathy is a key part of being a responsible and helpful community member in the global scenario. Empathy can also be a route to academic and career success. It helps one to understand the people and work around and be productive and positive in difficult situations.

Although it doesn’t necessarily take a lot of work to build empathy, it does take attention and commitment at all levels. Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad is amongst the top schools in Sushant Lok, with the most efficient staff to cater to the needs of the students. DPSG Sushant Lok believes in the importance of honing the future leaders of tomorrow and gives efficient care and concern to every child who is set to touch the zenith. We, at all levels, promote and build real empathy in students and future community members.

  • Understands Empathy: Empathy is a concerned response to another person’s feelings. We notice and understand other’s feelings and care and value them as well.
  • Builds Empathy: Children and teenagers naturally have an instinct and capacity for empathy. But they still need proper care and guidance to develop it further. They learn how to notice, listen, and care by watching their parents, teachers and caregivers. They take their cues from here about why empathy is important. All our school adults play a role in helping our students develop and display empathy. Another important role we play here is encouraging students to take the leap from having empathy is to act on it. We model and encourage them to take action.
  • Limits The Barriers To Empathy: Some things can get in the way of this cycle of cultivating empathy. These barriers include feeling different or distant from a situation or person. To help prevent and overcome these and other barriers, we help students:
    • Notice And Reject Stereotypes
    • Respect And Value Differences
    • Widen Their Circle Of Concern
    • Listen Closely to Peers & Adults
    • Manage Difficult Situations Like Sadness, Anger, Frustration

The steps we cater to are:

  • Model empathy
  • Teaches the importance of empathy
  • Practice empathy through our actions
  • Set clear ethical expectations
  • Climate a priority

DPSG Sushant Lok is the best school in Gurugram, offering the most modern, world-class infrastructure while imparting age-old values to the coming generation. The aim of the school is to develop in students qualities of self-confidence, capability, a sense of purpose and belonging. For more information or details on the admission process, visit our website.

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