How to Win Argument Without Losing Friends

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED May 2, 2022, UPDATED January 20, 2023

The most important thing in an argument, next to being right, is to leave an escape hatch for your opponent, so that he can gracefully swing over to your side without too much apparent loss of face.

– Sydney J. Harris

Arguments are part of life but they shouldn’t become a death sentence for relationships

First thing to keep in mind is that everyone has a right to be heard and voice their opinion even when you disagree with them and it is perfectly ok to have an opinion that is not agreed upon.

Put your points in a calm manner and respect each other points , never accuse them of lying, answer their points and tell them why is it essential  for them to understand your views.

Ensure that the information you are using is backed with accurate claims so that it appears to be a fact rather than an opinion.

Another important point to be kept in mind is to ask questions and if you are not sure about a point express doubt and try to avoid personal remarks and keep the argument impersonal. Don’t fall into trap of blaming your opponent instead talk about your perspective, because their actions and words do not control you.

Try not to become too emotional because that would lead to you becoming defensive and angry instead calmly point out that their actions are not acceptable.

Don’t get into the vicious circle of aggression as nothing good comes out of it and you end up saying things that you probably don’t mean. You need to understand why someone wants what they want. Just because someone is annoying or frustrating, that doesn’t mean that they deserve poor treatment.

Being optimistic and amiable is the best way to become better at making arguments. When you are like this, your opponent will feel more comfortable and open to your ideas and be much more willing to change their views.

Geeta Goel

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