5 Key Features of a CBSE Board school

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED August 26, 2022 UPDATED January 1, 1970

Nowadays, parents can choose between multiple boards for their children’s enrolment in educational institutions. They have various options to focus on, and among the lot, CBSE is a popular one. DPSG Sushant Lok is one of the best CBSE schools in Gurgaon, where students get overall improvement on their studies and co-curricular activities. 

CBSE follows a standard curriculum across the country, established by NCERT. Nowadays, you will find over 16000 schools in India offering CBSE course modules. Not just in India, but it is a well-known board in 24 other countries globally. The syllabus is pretty much controlled and well structured. Students will learn from standard textbooks, and no child can fail till 8th grade.

Apart from that, most of the entrance exams are generally conducted in the country for college admission after following the CBSE syllabus. Board exams are pretty optional in the 10th grade, but it is mandatory in the 12th grade. This board is highly favorable among students, who are constantly relocating within India and even abroad in countries like the Middle East and more.

Being a standard curriculum, it becomes easier for students too, if they plan to change city or country. It is a favorable board for those willing to move into traditional medical or engineering lines. Before you join hands with CBSE schools in Gurgaon, it is vital to learn about 5 major features of a CBSE school. 

  1. Tight security measures:

CBSE board schools will follow tight security measures to ensure students’ safety all the time. As kids spend most of their time in school, a safe space will always let your children grow to their full potential. CBSE School will extend their safety from the time when the kid is picked up by school bus till the time when they are dropped back at home.

  • Holistic development of the child:

CBSE schools provide holistic development of a child, which is then backed up with experimental, digitally enhanced, and personalized learning. Students from DPSG Sushant Lok will receive interdisciplinary education, an inclusive approach, and more accurate testing. The main goal of CBSE School is to nurture entrepreneurship for the safety and security of every child. As everyone is different, each one will need a varied approach to the education system. CBSE schools are well-aware of these points and will design a curriculum accordingly.

  • Frequent demonstration and workshop classes:

Ideal CBSE schools will provide much more than bookish knowledge to their students. They understand the importance of practical learning, going side by side with theoretical learning. That’s why top-notch CBSE schools like DPSG Sushant Lok offer multiple interactive and imaginative programs for the overall growth of the students. From drama class to pottery workshops, debate clubs, to dance classes, you will find it all under one roof. 

CBSE School offers regular opportunities to interact with the real world by organizing tours and workshops for students! Some workshops will even involve child counseling.

  • Giving importance to both academics and co-curricular activities:

Even though the main aim of the CBSE board is to focus on academics, but the co-curricular activities are not lagging behind. A model school will place equal emphasis on books and on social activities. The activities can range from sports to festivals to clubs and more.

Debates and discussions form major social activities, which help in developing public speaking skills among kids. It is one significant part of society these days, and CBSE Schools will focus on that. Even the sports tournaments will nurture the spirit among all students and also encourage them to enjoy good-natured competition. Moreover, physical activities result in a healthier and productive life.

  • Hiring only qualified teachers:

CBSE Schools like DPSG Sushant Lok ensure to work with a qualified team of teaching faculty. A good school is not just made out of students, but with good teachers too. So, the CBSE board deals with interactive hiring sessions to get the best teachers in town. The students get the brilliant chance to learn from the best! So, next time you want to enroll your kids in the best school, make sure to opt for CBSE boards first. DPSG Sushant Lok is one amazing option to address, which revolutionizes the traditional education system by adding more technicalities and imaginative powers to it.

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