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Skills, Competencies and Values have become the prima facie of the 21st century teaching learning process and so it becomes imperative to keep updating the curriculum from time to time. Active and Blended Learning, Research Study and Art Integrated Education have been inculcated in our curriculum to enhance the critical and creative skills in our learners.

The curriculum is designed to:

  • prepare our learners for the 21st Century and make them critical and reflective thinkers
  • focus on core Skills and Competencies
  • integrate UNESCO’s 4 pillars of education-Learning to Know Learning to Do, Learning to Live together and Learning to Be
  • incorporate skills and competencies for Scholastic, Co-Scholastic, Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor domains
  • strengthen Inquiry-based Learning
  • set a challenging goal every year, work on it and introspect its achievement addressing on the gap areas
  • inculcate Blended Learning and Art Education across various disciplines
  • promote hands on experience in Artificial Intelligence
  • inculcate the values of leadership, zest, gratitude, responsibility and empathy in our learners
  • imbibe values and foster cultural learning
Rally for spreading social awareness A visit to Gurudwara
  • promote physical fitness, health and well-being
  • make assessments comprehensive and continuous process through UOI Assessments
  • harness and develop creative, literary, scientific and aesthetic skills through various club activities
  • incorporate innovative pedagogical tools such as flipped classrooms, Smart Boards and 3D Labs in the teaching learning process
  • organise Student Led Conference to enhance collaborative skills and develop independent learners

Oath Taking at Investiture Ceremony Ensuring physical fitness and self security

Citizenship Studies:

DPSG has introduced Citizenship curriculum in the foundation domain and the approach of learning is - how to engage pupils in regular lessons and activities within and beyond the classroom that include opportunities for active citizenship:

  • To inspire and train the students to be responsible and able citizens.
  • To conduct inspirational activities and events to strengthen the will of the students to become committed citizens.
  • To deliver the content to build the skills required to be responsible citizens.
  • To achieve an augmented awareness of global social issues through a Citizenship Studies Curriculum and a series of experiential, engaging and fun loaded activities and become global citizens

  • Active: emphasis on learning by doing- story enactments, cultural activities involving special days, national days, festivals, singing the National Anthem
  • Interactive: uses discussion and debate on social issue videos, stories, news items, TED Talks etc
  • Critical: encourages young people to think for themselves- through expressions in Art, Poetry, Songs, story narration
  • Living Citizenship values; Special weeks- Honesty, Respect, Kindness, Compassion, responsibility; Courage, Environmental care, empathy etc. and Special Days: Independence Day, Republic Day etc.
  • Field Trips and Engagement with community workers to understand their issues and problems
  • Case Studies, Creating Social Awareness through: Blogs, articles, through social Media
  • Addressing Adolescent Issues: skills needed to be effective in relationships, nature and consequences of racism, teasing, bullying and aggressive behavior and how to respond to them and ask for help

Pedagogical Practices:

Early Years:

“Kids prosper best with abroad curriculum that celebrates their various talents and not just a small range of them.”

The curriculum is the totality of pupils' learning experiences. It is everything that surrounds the child. At DPSG, SL we believe in empowering children to realize their own potential to brilliance and to cultivate their young minds through skill and experience. The Primary wing opens its arms to the little learners who walk into our world with beliefs and aspirations. It is our attempt to expedite them to develop as social beings by guiding them to intermingle and collaborate with each other.

Our curriculum integrates current Educational thinking and the most effective and efficient pedagogical practices. It represents a procedure of improvement that is both evolutionary and progressive. We strongly believe in taking youngsters out of the classroom environment to confront the real world through exploration and hands-on activities. Our aim is to nurture the child in all facets of his or her life— moral, spiritual, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical. To realize this view of the child and learning, our curriculum outlines a comprehensive and well-defined framework of subject matter that is broad and flexible. It encourages the vigorous engagement of children in a learning process that is inventive and stimulating. The ability to think critically, to apply learning and to develop flexibility and creativity are also important factors in the success of the child’s life.

Therefore, a vital objective of our curriculum is to empower children to learn how to learn and to develop an admiration of the importance and practice of lasting knowledge.

Middle and Secondary School:

Academic excellence is of supreme importance to the school. In the Primary & Middle classes, the focus will be on Experiential Learning. The use of multidirectional group workshop method, practically relevant teaching aids and methodologies, and a constant exchange of new teaching strategies and ideas, institute knowledge with right skills and right attitude. The teaching-learning process focuses on stimulating the intellectual capabilities of the students and bring out the best in each individual. Teaching-learning process through theatre is a unique concept that our students will be exposed to. Reading and enrichment activities will be oriented towards honing individual talents and to make learning meaningful and enjoyable. We will provide the much needed impetus for our students to migrate from mere survival to thriving with excellence and effectively contribute to the wellbeing of the society, to create a new world order where peace and harmony prevail.

Subjects Offered:

Scholastics Domain [SD]
  • Literacy-English
  • Literacy-Hindi
  • Numeracy
  • Environmental Studies
Scholastics Domain [SD]
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • EVS
  • Science (Class IV & V)
  • Social Science (Class IV & V)
  • Third Language: Sanskrit & French(Class IV onwards)
Scholastics Domain [SD]
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Third Language: Sanskrit & French
Scholastics Domain [SD]
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Sciences (with Computer Science)
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Commerce
  • Third Language: Sanskrit & French

Laboratories and Library

A well-stocked library-cum-resource center has been set up for the benefit of both teachers and students. The Senior School is equipped with all the facilities needed in a Senior Secondary School for doing well in the Board examinations.

Information and Communication Technologies

The school has three state of the art computer labs . The computers are networked & connected to a resource room, which is a treasure house of the best that is available in the field of education as far as subject content is concerned. The whole school is Wi-Fi enabled.

Arts Education:

Art education is an important area of curricular activity for the development of the wholesome personality of the learners. The Art program at DPSG includes music, dance, visual arts and drama enabling students to express their creativity in a range of ways including Performances and Exhibitions.

Assessment Policy

The academic term is divided into two parts, first half from April –Sept and second half from Oct- March. The following scheme of assessment will be observed:
Half yearly examination will be conducted at the end of first half of the academic year and Annual examination at the end of the academic year. Assessment in both the examination will be based on the portion of syllabus covered. Students will be assessed in Scholastic and Co Scholastic domains.For Co-Scholastic domain, the students of grades II-V will be assessed in the following sub domains: Art Education Music, Dance, Theatre and Health and Physical Education.The students are assigned grades for Co-Scholastic assessment on a three point scale.

School Academic Council Incharges :
  • Principal – Chairperson – Ms. Anshu Mital
  • Secretary of SAC - Ms. Sherry Grover
  • Wing in-charges - Ms. Sapna Walecha (Middle & Senior Wing) & Ms. Sherry Grover (Primary Wing)
  • Calendar & Website in-charges – Ms. Urvashi Gupta & Ms. Debapriya Chakraborty
  • All subject in-charges-
    • English – Ms. Shikha
    • Maths- Ms. Kavita
    • Hindi – Ms. Meenakshi
    • Science – Mr. Ashish
    • Commerce – Ms. Palak
    • Social Science – Ms. Jyoti
  • ICT in-charge - Ms. Debapriya Chakraborty
  • PE & Sports in-charge – Ms. Sonu
  • Performing, Visual & Vocational Arts in-charge.:
    • Visual Arts – Ms. Varinder
    • Vocational Arts - Mr. Harshit
    • Performing Arts – Ms. Shweta
  • House Mentors
    • Agni – Ms. Shweta
    • Dharti – Ms. Lavanya
    • Vayu – Ms. Upasana
    • Jal – Ms. Varinder
  • Events Coordinator – Ms. Avni & Ms. Aparna
  • CBSE I/C – Ms Sapna Walecha
  • Behavioural Counsellor - Ms. Upasana
  • Careers & Placement Counsellor – Mr. Ashish
  • Proctor – i/c school Discipline – Ms. Sonu
  • Alumni & Student Council I/C – Ms. Usha

Glimpses of Class Activities

French Poem Recitation-Class VII

Mathematics: Understanding 3 D shapes (Vertices, edges, Faces and Naming ) with the help of straws and connectors

Picasso in making

"Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations."

The teachers at DPSG SL plan a plethora of activities to give students an enriching experience. One such activity was conducted in Grade IX in English subject, where the students got an opportunity to interview their parents on how the time has changed from one generation to another. The students kicked off the activity with fervor. It not only gave them a chance to improve their communication and presentation skills but also develop a sense of confidence to face the camera and record their own work. It turned out truly purposeful developing an interest in English subject.

Banner Making Activity

Values are the most important assets in a childs life. It helps them to become a good and responsible citizen.”

Grade I students of DPSG, Sushant Lok believe the same and try to put in their best effort to become a responsible person. They made a Banner in the Citizenship Session to showcase that YES! We are ready to become a responsible, caring and an honest citizen.