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Give your child the right platform by choosing the right school

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED February 15, 2022, UPDATED January 1, 1970

Your child is like water. It will take the shape of the ethics that the chosen institution will teach him. So, selecting the right platform for your child’s education is more important than you thought. Being a responsible parent, it is upon your shoulders to find the best educational institution for your kids. It will not just prepare him for his school life but for the vast future ahead. Educational institutions play an active role in shaping up a child’s career. So, giving your child the right platform is indeed the first yet major step to address.

Well, you need not have to look any further once you have chosen the best schools in Vasundhara. Now, the real question is which school? Well, DPSG Vasundhara is the name that you can always rely on. Want to know why? Let’s read on for details.

More about DPSG Vasundhara:

Delhi Public School Vasundhara is a learning institution that started its journey on May 3rd, 1999. It was located at SBC Plaza, sector 15. Later, the institution got shifted to its current location at Sector 9 Vasundhara on March 29th, 2000. It has carved a niche in society and created a positive approach.

This institution is following a comprehensive vision of a happy school, known for its traditional technology, values, and quest for excellence. It is known for imparting quality education for children’s holistic development.

Working on visual arts as well:

Unlike other institutions, DPSG Vasundhara is known for focusing on a child’s overall development. It is one of the best schools in Vasundhara, which has a completely different section for the visual arts out there.

  • Arts and crafts will often describe various activities, which involve making things with your own hands. It is usually a form of hobby, which will force the kid’s creative juices to flow.
  • Through proper arts and crafts, children get to learn the current value of art and appreciate artifacts and images across multiple times and cultures.
  • They will gain experience in arts, design, and crafts to enable them to reflect on their own work and those by others as well.
  • They get the chance to act and think like artists and designers from a tender age and work creatively and intelligently.

The values of clubs and societies:

Well, DPSG Vasundhara is also known for its clubs and societies, which will bring students together for a whole new experience along the way. It is part of the Home Science department.

  • The primary aim of this home science club is to empower students with proper skills to improve life’s quality.
  • It will mold up students into that responsible citizen who gets to handle the daily challenges with ease. Here, they get to learn the art of life both practically and theoretically.
  • Right from raking delicious treats to learning about immune systems, all will be covered in these programs. They will learn about various food groups and ways to maintain a healthy diet plan.
  • Home Science is noted to be a perfect combination of science and arts. It will teach the youngsters to cover household jobs in a rather scientific and systematic manner.
  • Even during the online classes, students did their best and cooked delicious meals at their respective homes.

Educational trips:

The teachers from DPSG Vasundhara believe that practical sessions are really important for the overall growth of students and to help them gain interest in the subject matter more. So, this institution plans for educational trips at regular intervals for different classes.

  • The education and excursion tour from DPSG Vasundhara was held in collaboration with the Edufiesta Expedition. With more than 200 students, this meet and greet was a huge success.
  • Around 50 students got the chance to visit the St. Thomas Church. It was constructed in the 16th century and held a great historical value to it.
  • Not only that, but in the same evening, students were taken out to Marina Beach in Chennai to refresh their minds.

It can be clearly stated that these educational tours are not just for providing knowledge to the students but to help them enjoy themselves with friends for refreshing their mindsets.

Holding events from time to time:

For the overall growth and development of a child, it is really important to know the value of events. So, DPSG Vasundhara makes it a point to hold multiple kinds of events from one time to another to help kids take an active part in them and feel prioritized. Check out the latest events this institution holds for the little ones over there.

So, next time you are making plans to enrol your kids in the best educational institution, DPSG Vasundhara might be the first name that comes to your mind. Be sure to look for the seats and make your booking now and wait for your kid’s bright future  to bloom.

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