5 Tips To Build Resilience In Students During Pandemic

Pandemic and coronavirus have taken away the sheer joy of a regular routine and school lives from our children. They are trying really hard to cope up with the uncalled and unprecedented times and the monotonous delight of attending online classes. But slowly, they are missing out on their social groups, gatherings, and playdates. It won’t be wrong to say that they are the most vulnerable generation amongst all to get the heat of the pandemic.

It has become all the more important for the guardians, teachers, and parents to understand their plight and help them cope with their major concerns and personality development. One aspect that surely needs attention in these kids is the virtue of resilience. It is their power to bounce back from difficulties and tough situations. This will help them in dealing with various situations today and tomorrow. They need the skills and relationships that help them be resilient: making it through challenging times with the least sufferings and greatest well-being possible.

We at DPSG, Palam Vihar, believe that educators play a very important role in enabling children to develop the determination and skills to persevere through difficult circumstances in school and life. Let’s see some effective ways of building resilience in students.

  • Make Them Understand The Importance Of Values: The right value system in people has proved to be a powerful resource for guiding their actions during tough times. These values and virtues are well taught to our children at a young age to prepare them to get through difficult times.
  • Set Brave Goals: The basic part in the development of resilience in students is setting up identifiable personalized goals with which children resonate. Our students do not shy away from taking discomfort in tolerating the resistance towards achieving the goal. The goals in the pandemic are intelligently made in sync with their personal and academic growth. These personal goals are also specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.
  • Making Them Learn From Mistakes: Learning from one’s own failures and mistakes is paramount to become a resilient human being. Our teachers are meant to model a classroom where failure, setbacks, and disappointment are taken and honored as a crucial block of learning. They are praised for their hard work, perseverance, and grit, and not only for their grades and easy successes.
  • Encourage Responsible Risks: The virtue of resilience helps people bounce back to their original self after stress, pressure, and setbacks. We teach our students the strategies to build resilience where they will ease from frustration and help them get back into optimal and productive focus for learning. Children/students are motivated to take responsible risks and challenge themselves. 
  • Label Difficult Emotions: Recognising and naming emotions, from elementary grades to senior grades, help students become self-aware and begin to manage their own emotional states effectively. We create a classroom that lays the groundwork for these emotions and helps students deal with them and build resilience, along with strong strategies.

Our school, Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad, is regarded as one of the most prestigious IB schools in Palam Vihar, Gurugram. DPSG is a premier institution in Gurgaon, which beliefs in helping your child achieve the path to success through various skills and computational thinking. The institute believes in the right to education and imparts it wholeheartedly. Check our admission section for more information. 

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