How Ib Schools Foster The Attributes Of An International-Minded Learner

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED April 11, 2022, UPDATED January 20, 2023

In this fast-changing world, schools are not just designed to help educate the students but also to prepare them for the upcoming challenges associated with a global career. It is turning out to be a digital workplace for sure. Some of the major IB schools like DPSG Palam Vihar are focusing on some attributes to help set out a global mindedness. So, when the students grow older and have to opt for higher studies, they can easily go to international schools without fail.

They are going to be taught all the major globalised terms and ethics, which will help students to fit into any culture with ease. So, even when they are moving abroad for studies, they won’t feel out of place for sure.

What international-mindedness actually looks like?

In a simple term, international mindedness means understanding, valuing and respecting various cultures and embracing diversity. It is one way to know different perspectives
that come along with great deals for the bright future ahead.

  • For the schools like DPSG Palam Vihar, international-mindedness will form a value-based framework, where the students will be taught concepts like compassion, collaboration and empathy.
  • If checked from a practical viewpoint, leading corporations are looking for prospective leaders with a major sense of global awareness.
  • These awareness programs must have deep and broader perspectives on the environment, political structures, economics and human rights.
  • It is always the internationally-minded students from IB schools in Gurgaon who can help in leading a proper world tomorrow.

The value of international mindedness designed for students:

For students from DPSG Palam Vihar, international-mindedness will often mean adopting some value systems of tolerance, kindness and acceptance of various viewpoints.

  • As the school is considered to be home to learners of over 70 nationalities, students will always get the chance to learn more and grow accordingly through IB schools like DPSG Palam Vihar.
  • The students will now have the power to spend time with other children from various corners of the world who have grown up in a completely different range of traditions, cultures and opinions.
  • Being associated with a multicultural environment is not that difficult for students from DPSG Palam Vihar. They are known to be quickly empathetic towards others’ opinions and views.

Important for the current world:

The value of global mindedness is really important as the competent global leaders in the current 21st century will possess a distractive array of attitudes, behaviours, values and concepts. They have now realised how their own very ingrained culture can help shape their understanding of others. They can further engage in constructive dialogue with people from various perspectives.

  • They further learn to make some adaptations through their thoughts, considered to be proper and are able to support and understand their peers better.
  • The students from DPSG Palam Vihar will gain a deeper sense of respect for one another and will have a passion for learning about the background of other people as well.

The value of technology these days:

It is true to state that technology plays a major role when it comes to international-mindedness. You can consider that just 39% of the world will use safe sanitation services. However, over 50% of the population remains online.

  • Then in certain fields like bioengineering, you can bring together culturally diverse thinkers together for solving global issues on a higher scale.
  • It might be the case in the past that they would not have gotten the chance to work together. But with modern technology available these days, the world gets to be a lot smaller.
  • So, the students of modern times have to be fluent digitally as well. They need to learn the technologies ethically and work collaboratively with colleagues from various corners of the world.
  • It is important to learn and understand the opinions of people and then empathise with various points of view.

The attitude of openness is coming along:

An attitude of openness is one new form of thinking. It helps students from DPSG Palam Vihar to frame out questions, apply new understanding to some complex issues and
analyse data at the same time.

  • By valuing the idea of international mindedness, the teachers from DPSG Palam Vihar will help students to equip with multi-faceted skills for professional and personal success.
  • They can further create opportunities for the students to experience what life might be like after school and offer the support they need to shape a career better.

IB schools work on plays, dramas, extra-curriculum activities and programs, which will focus on global trends and businesses. So, they will learn the value of international mindedness from a tender age. DPSG Palam Vihar helps with the international process and makes students ready for a broader lifestyle.

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